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Even Papa Roach is dunking on Paul Ryan today

(Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Yesterday was a no-good, very bad day for House Speaker Paul Ryan, as he was very publicly forced to walk back plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and then pretty much every liberal on the planet pointed and laughed at him for somehow screwing it up. Among the many, many jokes lobbed at Ryan’s expense over the last 24 hours, one of the most prominent was a fake (actual fake, not just Donald-Trump-calling-it-fake) New York Times article crafted by Shit My Dad Says creator Justin Halpern, which suggested that Ryan comforted himself in his failure by listening to the misery anthem of an entire generation: Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.”

But while Ryan didn’t actually cut his life into pieces (or suffer the pre-existing conditions of suffocation, no-breathing), that didn’t stop the nu metal rappers from getting in on the joys of making fun of him. The band’s Twitter account—which is also promoting its upcoming eighth studio album—tweeted out the following turn of the tables last night:


Shortly after, though, it followed it up with this surprisingly thoughtful reminder about the importance of support and care when suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, because even Papa Roach cares more about Americans’ health and well-being than Paul Ryan does:

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