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Failing to translate a strategy that normally gets boys to buy drinks for them into actionable ratings, Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor’s suspiciously well-timed make-out session was not enough to save their reboot of Charlie’s Angels, which just received an official cancellation from ABC. The show did see a minor uptick in viewers, so there’s an argument to be made that it did have some effect—though to continue the analogy, it was more like a group of bored guys standing around halfheartedly whooping and then buying them a token Midori shooter apiece, rather than the all-night fawning they might have expected. ABC will burn off the rest of the four already-produced Angels episodes in its regular timeslot through the rest of the month, but there’s no saving it now, not even if Kelly and Taylor head over near the jukebox and do a sexy dance. At this point, that would just be kind of sad.


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