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Macklemore’s sweep of the rap categories at last night’s Grammys further cements one of the longest-running and most talked-about arguments surrounding the awards ceremony: That, despite the genre’s popularity and success, the Grammys just don’t “get” hip-hop. (They especially don’t get Kanye West—but that’s another story) As it turns out, even Macklemore feels that way.


Last night, the Seattle rapper posted an Instagram of a text he sent after the show to fellow Best Rap Album nominee Kendrick Lamar. In it, Macklemore says Lamar was “robbed,” and that even he wanted his competitor to take home the award for Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. Macklemore says, “It’s weird and sucks,” adding that he was the one that “robbed” Lamar—saying, "I was gonna say that during the speech. Then the music started playing…and I froze.” Macklemore also captioned the Instagram with comments about how, while he’s “honored and completely blown away to win anything, much less four Grammys,” Lamar should have won Best Rap Album, “IMO.” Of course, this is something he could have said during the Grammy voting, if he felt that strongly about it. But whatever, right?

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