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Even librarians are pissed at J.J. Abrams

While recent weeks have already seen J.J. Abrams under preemptive attack from Star Wars fans for taking over co-writing duties on Episode VII—a decision Abrams today defended as necessary “given the time frame,” during an unrelated conference call—another thing he co-wrote is enraging a somehow even more marginalized and easily riled section of society. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the nation’s librarians are furious about S., the novel Abrams co-authored with Doug Dorst, taking to Internet message boards to complain amongst themselves that the book’s packaging is too frustratingly complex, stuffed as it is with easily misplaced maps, postcards, and other assorted ephemera that’s impossible to keep track of. They’re also upset that Abrams’ typically cryptic trailer gave them zero indication of what to expect when they ordered the book—orders they’re now canceling by the dozens. Upon learning that a small, bookish enclave was griping about what was inside his mystery box and moaning that he’d left them with far too loose ends, J.J. Abrams was relieved to learn he was, indeed, still alive.


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