After spending four different movies using all his filmmaking skills to devise different methods in which cars could chase each other, Justin Lin has decided he’s finally had enough of the Fast & Furious series, telling Universal it can find someone else to direct the upcoming seventh installment. Lin’s official reason is that the sequel’s timetable is simply too short, the targeted summer 2014 release meaning he would have to begin working on the seventh while still in the midst of post-production on the sixth—a situation that could easily leave a frazzled Lin unsure which driving sequence or scene of Vin Diesel acting tough goes where. Still, a different source hints to The Hollywood Reporter that another reason is likely “franchise exhaustion”—Lin’s, and definitely no one else’s—which was no doubt brought on by the never-ending demand for them to find all-new ways to cram “fast and furious” into titles. “What about Se(Fast&Furious)en?” someone probably suggested, just before Lin threw up his hands and declared he’d finally had it.