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Even Janet Weiss has to start a GoFundMe to pay medical bills

Janet Weiss
Janet Weiss
Photo: Taylor Hill (Getty Images)

On August 10, former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss was in a car accident near her home in Portland, Oregon. Weiss’ partner, Drew Grow, was also in the car at the time as it was hit and sent spinning “out of control,” according to the musician’s sister, Julie Weiss. X-rays revealed Weiss’ broken collarbone and fractures in both of her legs (Grow suffered a fractured rib). She’s had to cancel performances as she undergoes physical therapy, which all sounds stressful enough even without taking medical bills into account. Except that, thanks to our delightful (like a nail through the hand) and Byzantine healthcare system, Weiss already has medical costs top of mind, which is why her sister started a GoFundMe to help get the influential drummer back on her feet.

The crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its original $25,000 goal, and currently stands at $48,855. In response to the outpouring of support, Weiss shared this message of gratitude via the GoFundMe page:

My remarkable people, THANK YOU SO MUCH I am moved beyond belief at the outpouring of love and good will, and the generous financial assistance that has been given today. Our community is strong and bold and is an unbelievable life force and my constant source of inspiration. The accident was terrifying and humbling and I am truly happy to be alive. But the pain and the uncertainty of how to get myself back to where I was physically and mentally have been at times daunting. Asking for help can be really scary too so thank you for blowing my mind with your generosity and proving that everything is gonna be alright ❤

The money you shared will go directly to my accident related, medical and monthly bills, and the unforeseen costs of returning my body and mind to a healthy place from which I can make music again. I fucking can’t wait! Alleviating the stress of where that money is going to come from is a HUGE relief on the deepest human level and I love you and thank you for that incredible gift. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon to find out how the broken bones are healing and what’s next in PT world. I will update you with those results - we’re going to do this together!

With absolute gratitude and tears of joy,


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