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Warbly-voiced singer James Blunt is still best known for his hit 2005 single “You’re Beautiful,” a song that even he now finds irritating. Blunt told Hello! Magazine that his ballad was “force-fed down people’s throats… and it became annoying,” which he believes ultimately hurt his career by causing public sentiment to turn against the treacly track. (That damp, shirtless music video probably didn’t help either, dude.)

Blunt also laments that his tunes have mostly been marketed to women, thus keeping him from the lucrative “dudes who also love slow jams about lost loves and things being beautiful” marketplace. Blunt adds that “You’re Beautiful” also made him look like “an insanely serious person,” but that his friends know he’s “anything but.”


Back To Bedlam, the album that birthed “You’re Beautiful,” was the bestselling album of the ’00s in the U.K. and went platinum all over the world.

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