Unless you believe that he went underground to become a Parisian poet and/or CIA agent, Jim Morrison has been dead for nearly 40 years now, yet he’s seen more sexy-time action within the last year than some pop stars see in their whole lifetimes. First exiting Florida Governor Charlie Crist made it his mission to pardon Morrison’s penis as one of his final acts in office; now a Virginia woman has come forward to claim that Morrison’s ghost used to climb into bed with her looking for some postmortem snuggles.

That woman, named Rhonda Baron, lives in the Arlington, Va. home where Morrison spent his childhood years, and she recently told D.C.’s WUSA9 that Morrison’s spirit regularly visited her between the sheets about 10 years after he died, something she’s just now getting around to telling people, apparently. “I was lying in bed,” Baron says in the below interview. “The spirit lay down on the bed beside me on his back, and turned and looked at me. It was like a haze, you could look through it." She also believes that Morrison visited her specifically to “help her with a boyfriend problem she was having,” disappearing only after she told him the issue was resolved. Right, because what else would Jim Morrison’s ghost do with his spare time besides play relationship counselor to girls in suburban Virginia—go around convincing people to put on rock concerts? That’s dumb. [via NME]