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Even home invasions are more fun when soundtracked to “shitty flutes”

Burgle HD (Screenshot: YouTube)

The internet has already made known its love for truly shitty flute covers of familiar songs. There’s a whole subreddit about it. But it turns out that these shrill, ear-punishing recordings can add comedy, drama, and even a bit of pathos to just about anything. TxPixelPusher, a YouTuber from the Oak Cliff borough of Dallas, was recently the victim of a home invasion that was captured on hidden security cameras. On its face, this footage isn’t anything spectacular. Some guy in a blue sweatshirt walks up to the house, disables the security camera with a brick, then goes inside. A nonchalant caption even calls this “another day in Oak Cliff.” The quick-thinking homeowner dialed 911, and the Dallas police showed up and took the guy away in handcuffs. Depressing but unremarkable. But, with the addition of some shitty flute covers, this becomes a miniature tragicomic masterpiece.

A few different shitty flute covers get tossed in the mix, keeping the action fresh and inimitably shitty. A word of caution: Viewers may want to turn down their speakers for this. Headphones are not recommended.


[via The Daily Dot]

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