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Even El-P likes this extensive mashup of his music and Queens Of The Stone Age

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for FYF)

Good mashups are pretty rare, since everything about them needs to be nearly perfect in order to avoid creating something just ruins multiple songs, but a self-described “independent remix producer” who goes by ToToM has created an elaborate album-length mash-up of El-P beats and Queens Of The Stone Age vocals that even El-P himself thinks is pretty cool. The mashup is called El-Q, and it pulls from a bunch of different stuff that El-P has produced through Run The Jewels and his solo stuff, and the full version on Bandcamp includes 14 mashups and two bonus tracks.

On Twitter, El-P said that the collection is “kind of awesome” and thanked ToToM for “this weird gift.”


ToToM has also made a similar mashup album that combines Kanye West and Queens Of The Stone Age.

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