While Dexter’s upcoming sixth season already has its requisite young allies and/or antagonists secured in the casting of Mos Def and Colin Hanks, it’s so far been missing that guest star who can provide the sort of craggy authoritativeness previously embodied by the likes of Keith Carradine and Peter Weller. Enter Edward James Olmos, alpha male of craggy authoritativeness, who has just been confirmed to return to his first recurring series role since Battlestar Galactica by playing a “brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies.” Presumably that academic background brings Olmos’ character in contact with Hanks’ “highly intelligent ancient artifacts expert” and maybe even Mos Def’s born-again ex-con. In other words, expect lots of portentous religious metaphors from this season of Dexter—and if someone doesn’t utter a line about the “sins of the father” to single dad Dexter, we’ll eat our metaphorical hat.