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Eve is ready to tangle with a Ghost in this Killing Eve exclusive

Screenshot: Killing Eve

Eve (Sandra Oh) has really had her hands full in the second season of Killing Eve—after being lured back to the assassin-hunting job by Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), she quickly formed a theory that The Twelve had already replaced Villanelle (Jodie Comer) with someone new. Enter The Ghost (Jung Sun den Hollander), who is, as Eve put it, everything Villanelle is not: “careful and anonymous... meticulous and discreet.” She’s also, as this exclusive clip from “Smell Ya Later” demonstrates, not really one for trading barbs while dressed impeccably.

Although Eve seems underwhelmed by The Ghost’s reticence, likening the assassin to someone in accounts payable, she also knows this interrogation is much too significant to be entrusted to a blustering colleague who is clearly out his depth. So, despite the lack of rapport, she gets ready to square off against The Ghost once more—but not before getting in a couple of digs at Charles, who is probably still hung up on Mad Men.


“Smell Ya Later” will air at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America and AMC.

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