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Evan Peters to appear in the best scene of another X-Men movie

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

It’s hard to deny that the last two X-Men movies really sparkled in the scenes that showed off the superpowers of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. Unlike the X-Men characters who view their powers as a burden, Peters plays his Quicksilver as someone who absolutely loves that he can move ridiculously fast, and that joy came through in Days Of Future Past when he was messing with prison guards in slow-motion and in Apocalypse when he was saving a bunch of kids in increasingly elaborate ways. Now, with another X-Men movie—Dark Phoenix—on the horizon, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Peters will once again be stopping by for at least one really cool scene that makes everything else in the movie feel pretty boring in comparison.

The THR story also says that Canadian actor Lamar Johnson has also joined the film, though we don’t know who he’ll be playing. Seeing as how THR felt the need to point out that he’s Canadian, though, we’re just going to assume he’ll be one of the many famous members of the extremely popular Canadian super-team Alpha Flight. Finally, things might be looking up for Alpha Flight’s legion of dedicated fans.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is being directed by longtime X-Men movie writer Simon Kinberg, and it will be in theaters in November, 2018.

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