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Eva Longoria to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Not to be outdone by ABC’s Guest Stars Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been quietly stacking its upcoming second season with famous people. First there was Kyra Sedgwick, who will join the show for two episodes as a new deputy chief who tries to shut down Brooklyn’s 99th police precinct. Then we found out Parks And Recreation’s Jenny Slate would also be making an appearance as a “tough-talking, street-savvy mobster” who is probably the worst.


Now we know that Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria will also pop up for a three-episode arc. She’ll reportedly be playing a lawyer who “faces off against” Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta in court. Now, Samberg’s character is a cop, so he doesn’t face off against attorneys too often. That probably means this three-episode arc will involve Longoria taking offense at some of his wacky loose-cannon tactics overstepping some wacky criminal’s rights. It’ll be just like those episodes of Law And Order: SVU where someone realizes Christopher Meloni’s character is kind of a monster, except everyone will be having a slightly more fun.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return to Fox on September 28, with Longoria’s storyline beginning at some point later on in the season.

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