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Eva Longoria developing an anthology series about Hispanic folklore for NBC

NBC—displaying the kind of compulsive behavior that may inspire its fellow networks to sit it down until they get to the root of what’s really bothering it—has commenced development on yet another anthology series. This marks the third such series the network has ordered in the past month-and-a-half, following its successful bid for the crime drama Manhunt and its script-to-series commitment for a horror series from the guy behind Paranormal Activity. The new one will be executive produced by Eva Longoria and tell tales drawn from Hispanic folklore.

Set in the American Southwest, each season of the show will be based around a different Hispanic legend. First up is La Llorona, a wandering spirit who abducts children that look like her own kids, whom she drowned when she was alive to be with the man she loved. Naturally, the first season will revolve around a detective hot on La Llorona’s trail.


Fans of spooky things may remember La Llorona popping up during the second season of NBC’s own Grimm, and as the villain in the pilot for Supernatural. If Longoria’s anthology series manages to beat out the host of competitors NBC has gathered to itself, future seasons could provide visits from Latin American legends like The Whistler, a patricidal music fan who carries the bones of his dead dad around in a sack; or El Sombrerón, a stalker who braids the hair of young women in a way that makes them unable to eat or sleep. Let’s see the Paranormal Activity people come up with something that weird.

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