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Eugene Mirman to release ridiculous 7LP set, limited-edition chair

Eugene Mirman, a stand-up comedian and longtime favorite of The A.V. Club, will release a new comedy LP on October 30. That in itself would be enticing news, but this won’t be just any ol’ comedy LP: I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome) is a seven-record set that includes not only a live stand-up set, but also “digital drugs,” “over 45 minutes of crying,” and the sound of “195 orgasms.” In addition to the vinyl box set, Mirman decided to make these soothing/jarring sounds available as a bathrobe ($225) and an “armchair with embeddable audio player” ($1200). All are listed via Sub Pop’s online store as currently sold out, though presumably they haven’t actually gone on sale yet, as this release was just announced. Start saving those pennies now.

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