Loud, trashy, and loose, Tigers And Monkeys unleashed their latest album, The Animals Will Forgive Us Again, onto the world earlier this year. Fronted by feminist musician turned comedian Shonali Bhowmik, the group blends gritty guitar sounds with a bit of an off-kilter aesthetic, something that’s totally evident in the new video for “Vampire In A Dirty City,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Directed by Joe Mischo, the clip is a little bit Bollywood, a little bit Tim And Eric, and a lot about a vampire in a cooking show, played by Bhowmik. The clip also stars Eugene Mirman, because, hey, why not?

Tigers And Monkeys’ next show is Friday, October 24 at Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York.


Vampire In A Dirty City - Tigers & Monkeys (Official Music Video) from Fourwind Films on Vimeo.