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Ethan Hawke woos Internet, owns island, loves chips and salsa

The Reddit AMA can sometimes be scary territory, throwing celebrities and other interesting individuals into a pool of anonymous commenters who, when banded together, have enormous Internet strength (if that’s a thing). The subreddit has become an almost inevitable stop for those looking to promote upcoming movies and albums, but sometimes those people make the mistake of only talking about said projects.

Ethan Hawke, however, arguably nailed an AMA on Reddit earlier today. Though technically there to promote his latest films Before Midnight and The Purge, Hawke won the hearts of many by taking the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly answer all types of questions. He also responded to more posts than the typical Mes of AskMeAnything. Oh, and he has an island off the coast of Nova Scotia that he bought from an old woman.


In addition to Canadian seclusion, the Internet’s new boyfriend likes Nicolas Cage, Tang, Elvis Presley, dogs, the Austin music scene, using caps lock when denoting MOVIE TITLES, and chips and salsa. He dislikes kissing on film, putting child actors in stressful situations while filming scary movies, and the nightmares he got from shooting that scene in Training Day. He hopes to one day work with Leonardo DiCaprio, and would become an environmental terrorist if there were no repercussions.

Also, props to the Redditor who provided us with this gif.

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