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Ethan Hawke reunites with Gattaca director for fun Vegas romp with drones

Ethan Hawke is reteaming with his Gattaca director Andrew Niccol for the story of another man who dreams of achieving wondrous, far-off things with the help of technology—specifically, flying all the way around the world to Afghanistan, then bombing the shit out of it because he’s a drone pilot. Picking up on that hot “drone” trend that’s been seen everywhere from a prospective Top Gun sequel to an FX series to the skies over terrified villages, Hawke and Niccol will team for the third time (after Lord Of War) on the as-yet-untitled movie, in which Hawke plays a former fighter pilot who moves to Las Vegas to spend his days remote-controlling drones, and his evenings fighting with his family in a way that requires outdated face-to-face combat. Over time, of course, he begins to question the ethics of a mission that involves dudes just sort of hanging out and bombing cities from a cubicle. Then hopefully he just decides to ditch it all, as him and his drones do the Strip, Vegas-style, you know how drones do.


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