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Ethan Hawke ready for a third Before Sunrise film

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It’s been almost nine years since we last spent one enchanting, frustrating evening watching Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy open up about almost everything but their actual feelings, and Hawke believes the hour is nigh to revisit the characters of Before Sunset and Before Sunrise for another hyper-literate intermittent joyride with a defined time limit. In an interview with France’s AlloCine, Hawke says that he, Delpy, and director Richard Linklater have all spent the last six months having their own long, meandering conversations that lead toward the inevitable, saying that they’re considering readying a 2013 film that would check back in with indie cinema’s most charmingly touch-and-go couple to see what’s happened now that another nine years have passed. Hawke obviously didn’t provide any hints as to what he believes happened to them since their last rendezvous in Paris—which ended in [SPOILER ALERT] ambiguity. But we’re going to guess they didn’t wind up together yet again, otherwise they’d have little to talk about. Unless the film finds them as a married couple and, ironically, only able to have terse exchanges about food and bills. [via The Playlist]


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