Ethan Hawke seems to be following Kiefer Sutherland’s exemplary career-revitalizing leap to series television a little more literally than most, with the actor/novelist/former embodiment of a certain mid-’90s ennui said be considering starring in the Fox drama Exit Strategy, about an elite team of ass-kicking secret operatives who are sent in to extract CIA agents when a mission goes awry. The show would also reportedly run in real time—which makes it sound even more like 24. Should Hawke accept, it would be his first and only TV series gig since his brief appearance on Alias as, yes, a CIA agent. In fact, Hawke seems to have really grown into law enforcement roles of late, playing various cops and black ops officers in films like Training Day, Assault On Precinct 13, Lord Of War, and the upcoming The Numbers Station—and all fairly convincingly, despite the fact that he looks like a guy you wouldn’t really trust to book your flight on Expedia, let alone save you from terrorists. (Or maybe that's just me.)