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Ethan Hawke makes being a hostage fun in this trailer for Stockholm

Let’s be honest here: Being taken as a hostage is never fun. It’s always scary and dangerous, and the sort of man who would take innocent people hostage and threaten their lives just so he could make some money is not the sort of man you ever want to spend much time with. Of course, there are worse people to be taken hostage by than Ethan Hawke, especially when he’s playing a slightly over-the-top American guy in a heightened version of 1970s Sweden who seems kind of charmingly in-over-his-head, as he does in this trailer for Stockholm. Actually, this film makes being a hostage look kind of exciting. Things don’t seem to be going too bad for Noomi Rapace while she’s locked in this bank, and Mark Strong looks kind of rad with long ‘70s hair and a denim jacket.


Really, now that we’ve gone through this trailer a few times, it seems like Ethan Hawke probably has a very good reason for wanting to rob this bank, and we hope he makes it out of this adventure alive. He’s clearly the good guy here, and the government or the bank owners have probably wronged him in some way. Anyway, the movie is about the real-life bank robbery that inspired the term “Stockholm syndrome,” and it’s “coming soon.”

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