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Ethan Hawke may have come across as a bit snobbish when he suggested that superhero movies can’t be “great,” but—with total, uncharacteristic sincerity—we have now determined that he really does have the right to make sweeping judgements like that. This is because he and his friends Louis Black and Charlie Sexton have now created their own record label, and it has the all-time best name for anything ever: SexHawkeBlack.

That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Hawke, Sexton, and Black (who is not that Louis Black, by the way) wanted to make their music label to promote the work of their friend Ben Dickey, who is starring in Hawke’s Blaze Foley biopic Blaze, and they initially came up with the name SexHawkeBlack as a joke. The name stuck, probably because it’s fucking great, but it’s kind of a shame now that SexHawkeBlack can’t be used for something cooler than a record label. It could’ve been a really badass anime about a guy named Black who kills monsters with a magic sword called SexHawke, but now it’s just being used to sell the folk/country/blues music that Ethan Hawke’s friend makes.



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