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Illustration for article titled iEternal Sunshine/i screenwriter to make directorial debut in movie about finding a rock

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is a bit “out there,” as far as romantic comedy/drama/sci-fi movies go, so it’s not all that surprising that one of its screenwriters—Pierre Bismuth, the one who isn’t Charlie Kaufman or Michel Gondry—is now making a movie about trying to find a specific rock in the Californian desert. Titled Where Is Rocky II?, the film will be Bismuth’s directorial debut. If that title doesn’t make it sound weird enough, Variety describes it as a “multilayered thriller” that combines “fiction and documentary-style footage” to tell the story of Bismuth’s search for a fake rock that was supposedly hidden in the desert by artist Ed Ruscha in the ‘70s.


Bismuth says the movie is less about finding a rock than it is about “how we project fantasies and how works of art can be the perfect object of fantasy,” but that’s less attention-grabbing than saying it’s about finding a rock. The producers are raising money on Indiegogo to pay for part of the filming, so you can head over there until February 20 to help this guy find his rock.

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