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Eternal optimist Vin Diesel promises new Riddick TV show, movie


Proving that hope always springs eternal in the (massive, brawny) human breast, film star and twelfth-level paladin Vin Diesel has put two more projects in the saga of Pitch Black protagonist Richard B. Riddick into development. Posting on Instagram, Diesel first announced that his production company, One Race Films, has opened a new TV division, with its first project being Merc City, a new series set in the Riddick Universe.

Apparently centered on the bounty hunters and mercenaries who largely exist to get stabbed, smacked, and growled at in the regular Riddick films, it’s not clear if Merc City will feature performances from Diesel itself, or if it’ll rely instead on all the fascinating world-building that peppers the Riddick films. (Audiences just can’t get enough of faceless mooks and whatever the hell the “Necromongers” are.) Meanwhile, franchise writer-director David Twohy is hard at work on the fourth Riddick film, Furia, which Diesel also announced yesterday on Instagram. (He also dubbed the day Furia Friday, so be sure to make a note of that in all the Riddick-licensed wall calenders that likely pepper your home.)


[via Vulture]

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