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Esquire Network wants to show you the money in its new series The Agent

Esquire Network will be introducing the world to four Jerry Maguire hopefuls when it premieres its new documentary series, The Agent, this summer.

The Agent will take viewers on a 10-episode journey through the cutthroat world of sports agents leading up to the 2015 NFL draft; expect tense scenes in blandly decorated boardrooms as the show follows agents Jeff Guerriero, Peter Schaffer, Sunny Shah and Ed Wasielewski—clad in charcoal slacks and blue dress shirts, no doubt—as they compete to secure that elusive top pick. Along the way, they will engage in contract negotiations, broker endorsement deals, and participate in meetings with scouts and veteran NFL players. We also expect to see at least one prospect slyly exclaim, “Show me the money!,” and be pleased with himself as his entourage erupts into laughter.


The Agent continues Esquire Network’s standard of douche-centric programing like Friday Night Tykes, a journey into the cutthroat world of youth football, and White Collar Brawlers, a journey into the cutthroat world of office politics, by which we mean co-workers pummeling each other in the boxing ring.

The Agent is set to premiere in July.

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