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Esquire Network to take viewers back to 1995 with The Real O.J. Simpson Trial

(Photo: Esquire Network/NBCUniversal)

As a fictionalized version of the O.J. Simpson trial plays out on FX’s American Crime Story, Esquire Network has decided to do assiduous fact-checkers and those who can’t watch Ryan Murphy’s constantly spinning camerawork for more than five minutes without getting nauseous a favor. The A.V. Club has exclusively learned that next Sunday, April 3, the network will air a 12-part special covering the trial from opening statements to final verdict in a 12-hour event it’s calling The Real O.J. Simpson Trial. Of course, the actual trial went on for months, so each episode will excerpt actual archival courtroom footage from key events like opening statements from the prosecution and defense, testimony from star witnesses “Kato Kaelin” and Mark Fuhrman, and, of course, Johnnie Cochran’s famous assertion that, “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.”

Besides serving as a historical document and a fascinating counterpoint to FX’s series, The Real O.J. Simpson Trial also presents an exciting opportunity for pranksters looking to keep the April Fool’s Day fun going on a little longer. Here’s how it works: Wait for your roommate to fall asleep on the couch, replace the TV with an old tube model, tune in to the trial footage, and then, when they wake up, convince them they’ve fallen through a wormhole back to 1995. Your opportunity will present itself beginning at 9 AM ET/PT on the Esquire Network.

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