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ESPN's new streaming service will touch down soon

Photo: Robin Marchant (Getty Images)

Not to be outdone by an outlet like Fox News—seriously, no one wants to be left in that sycophantic dust—ESPN has just announced the launch of its own streaming service. ESPN+ (not ESPN Plus, per the Disney-owned network’s press release) will be available beginning April 12, with a roster full of “live sports, original content and an unmatched library of award-winning on-demand programming.”

The new service is part of newly resigned ESPN App, but you can also access through ESPN.com. The cost is $4.99 per month, which is less than the cost of one domestic beer you’d buy at a game, but remember how quickly the apps (and beers) can pile up. Disney’s already announced a separate streaming service for all of its family-friendly fare. Eventually, a weekend spent indoors could cost the same as a night out—but, we guess as long as we don’t have to interact with people, it’ll be worth it.


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