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ESPN to follow O.J.: Made In America with a documentary about Bears fans

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According to Variety, ESPN will be following-up its Oscar-winning documentary series O.J.: Made In America by taking a trip to Chicago to talk to some Bears fans. The new project is titled We The Fans, and it will follow a “tight-knit group of Chicago Bears season-ticket holders” through the few highs and many lows of the team’s 13-loss season last year. This won’t be a traditional documentary series, though, as Variety says it will be more of a “multiplatform package” with “online-exclusive videos, photo galleries, articles, and a serialized podcast” to go along with the eight episodes that will air on ESPN.

Interestingly, Variety adds that it’s “more like reality TV” than ESPN’s typical documentary projects, and the “tight-knit” fans that it centers around were “cast” from different groups of season-ticket holders specifically recommended by the Bears. From there, they were chosen based on “diverse and interesting backstories” to take part in We The Fans.


This multiplatform experience will begin on April 11, when the premiere episode of the TV series premieres on ESPN. You can see a trailer for the series below.

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