(Photo: Universal)

With the nation still reeling in the wake of the presidential election, Thanksgiving is sure to be a nightmare for some. What could assuage that tension? How about Matthew McConaughey as a koala named Buster Moon and Reese Witherspoon singing pop hits as a pig? That could be your reprieve, thanks to Universal and Illumination Entertainment.

The studios are previewing Sing—an animated musical about animals participating in a talent competition—on November 26 for free at various AMC theaters around the country. Tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis for at least 200 guests at each location. The film hails from the studio that brought us the—shudder—Minions, and sounds like Zootopia but if it were only about Shakira’s character. Still, seeing it is a pretty good option for getting everyone to shut up at no cost. More information about the offer can be found here. Sing isn’t officially due out until December 21.