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Errol Morris, Ira Glass, and Paul Rudd making a movie together

Paul Rudd is set to star in a film that will team him with documentarian Errol Morris and NPR’s Ira Glass, making for a story that should elicit some very restrained and self-conscious gushing in the nation’s coffeehouses. Morris will take a rare break from non-fiction (though the film is still based on true events) to direct an adaptation of Glass’ This American Life segment “You’re As Cold As Ice,” which will find Rudd playing TV repairman and cryonics pioneer Robert Nelson. Unfortunately, Nelson's inept handling of the frozen bodies in his charge—most of which thawed after the funds ran out—set cryonics back several decades and made Nelson the object of much scorn in the scientific community and the public at large. But then, maybe things would have gone over better if Nelson was more like a charmingly in-over-his-head Paul Rudd? Anyway, as the New York Observer notes, the last time an Ira Glass segment made its way to a feature film, we got Unaccompanied Minors. And similarly, the last time Errol Morris made a narrative, we got the Lou Diamond Phillips-starring The Dark Wind, which even Morris didn’t want to finish. Still, having thus assembled into this triad of cult pedigree, hopefully their newly combined efforts will be more successful. [via Vulture]


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