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The cover for Tingle's Slammed In The Butt By Domald Tromp's Attempt To Avoid Accusations Of Plagiarism By Removing All Facts Or Concrete Plans From His Republican National Convention Speech (Image: Amazon)

Online erotica writer (and Hugo Award-nominated ACLU donor) Chuck Tingle—author of Helicopter Man Pounds Billionaire Dinosaur Ass, Buttception, Fake News, Real Boners, Space Raptor Butt Trilogy, Scary Stories To Tingle Your Butt, Bigfoot Pirates Haunt My Balls, Schrodinger’s Butt, I’m Gay For My Living Billionaire Jet Plane, Slammed In The Butt By My Hugo Award Nomination, Anally Yours, The Unicorn Sailor, Taken By The T-Rex, Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt, and Dr. Chuck Tingle’s Guide To Romance—will apparently be making his first TV appearance next Wednesday on Comedy Central’s @Midnight. Tingle made the announcement via Facebook.


When asked whether this was real, Tingle—who’s previously been reported to be a fortysomething man with autism living in Minnesota—confirmed, writing, ”YES THIS IS REAL i am flying to City of Devils i will be live in studio on @midnight as a real big timer.” So: make of that what you will.

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