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Erin Cummings joins Masters Of Sex, waits for world to stop giggling

Erin Cummings in Mad Men

For its second season, Showtime’s Masters Of Sex is expanding its cast with the addition of Erin Cummings, who will… okay, yeah. “Cummings.” Let’s just get all the giggles out now, and we’ll move right along. Cummings will be playing the role of a high-class prostitute who… seriously. Still with this? All right, we’ll wait…

Anyway, Cummings, who previously played a prostitute on Mad Men, will be guesting on Masters Of Sex during its second season, with the possibility of recurring as the show moves forward. Of course, that all depends on how the show goes about mounting Cummings’ character, a job that will lay quite the load on… All right, forget it.


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