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When the makers of Human Centipede 3 finally found relief after months of being uncomfortably backed up, one of the many nuggets squeezed out was that the film would feature “a big American celebrity” somewhere in its chain—their star power ostensibly making yet another sequel to the shit-eating horror franchise that much easier to swallow. Today that big American celebrity has seemingly been revealed, as Entertainment Weekly asks, “Which Oscar-nominated actor has been cast in Human Centipede 3?” then sidesteps the knee-jerk response of “Peter O’Toole” by saying, no, it’s Eric Roberts.


Of course, it’s also possible that confirmed co-stars “Tiny” Lister and Bree Olson could be considered big celebrities, depending on your human-centipede-loose definitions of “big” and “celebrity.” But while Lister boasts the size necessary to be the Holland Tunnel of any human centipede’s infrastructure, and former porn star/professional Charlie Sheen ass-kisser Bree Olson definitely boasts the experience, obviously only Eric Roberts has the sort of industry credibility that could garner some attention for 500 people with lips sewn to each other’s assholes. Anyway, though Roberts’ exact role in the film is as yet unknown, given that we recently learned it would offer the same cutting social commentary on the American prison system its predecessors offered on World War II, it’s assumed he’ll be the guy standing in or around a giant human centipede who makes you feel sort of sad for Eric Roberts.

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