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As reported by Variety, former Hulk Eric Bana has nabbed the highly coveted role of King Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, in Guy Ritchie’s Knights Of The Round Table. That means, like Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek, he’ll get to be important to the overall mythology, but he won’t have to stick around and learn too many lines. A pretty sweet gig, as far as acting goes. The studio apparently wanted Liam Neeson at first, but he probably backed out so he could be in more Clash Of Clans commercials

Arthur himself will be played by Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Berges-Frisbey will play Guinevere, and Jude Law is apparently still in talks to play the villain—even though he’s been in those talks since November. Also, Warner Bros. is still planning to split Knights Of The Round Table into a six-movie series, clearly showing its hand regarding what it hopes the next big Hollywood trend will be after YA book adaptations and super heroes.


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