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Eric Bana is Bravo's Dirty John in podcast-based anthology series

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Photo: John Phillips (Getty Images for BFI)

Last week, Bravo invited Connie Britton back to the world of anthology TV shows by casting her as the female lead in Dirty John, an adaptation of Christopher Goffard’s L.A. Times podcast of the same name about the true story of a handsome conman who nefariously tore apart the life of a woman named Debra Newell—with Britton playing Newell. Now, Bravo has announced that certified handsome man Eric Bana will be playing “Dirty” John Meehan himself in the first season of the adaptation.


With the leads now cast, the only unanswered question that is now left for Dirty John is how Bravo is planning to turn this into an anthology. Only the first season will follow the story of the Dirty John podcast, and Bravo has already ordered two seasons of the show, so it’s still unclear what the second season of Dirty John will actually be about.

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