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Eric Bachmann’s new video nods to classic ‘70s films (and a ‘70s game)

Eric Bachmann recently shed the name of his long-running solo project, Crooked Fingers, for good, releasing a self-titled album on Merge. The music on Eric Bachmann is mellower and more direct than almost anything he’s done in the past, with lyrics that are more reflective of his personal feelings than any he’s ever written. That’s true most directly on “Mercy,” which reflects on life, death, and and crazy friends and family. So why not pair that serious song—probably the best on an excellent album—with an homage to James Bond villainy, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, and… something you’ll have to wait for. Enjoy the song, and be vexed by the video, which you can see exclusively right here (at least for now). It was filmed in Los Angeles by director Daniel Ralston, who had this to say about it: “The ‘Mercy‘ video is about unpredictability. A mastermind, played by Danika Kari of Vows, breaks into Eric’s practice space, secretly records ‘Mercy’ and holds the song hostage. Eric has the opportunity to win it back from her in a game of chance. She’s a supervillain, but a fun one. I wanted it to be a video with some scope that delivers a little more upon re-watch, like Radiohead’s ‘Just’ or Pulp’s ‘This Is Hardcore.’” Eric Bachmann will be touring in May and June; dates are right here.


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