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Eric André pranks America in Bad Trip's naughty new trailer

Eric André’s aggressively subversive humor seems like the perfect match for Jackass-style hijinks, so it’s surprising that the new red band trailer for Bad Trip feels kind of... off. Some of the pranks are admittedly funny: A gag involving André accidentally sticking his hand in a blender at a juice shop; the vacuum at a car wash sucking all his clothes off; Tiffany Haddish, playing a convict, emerging from the dirt outside a prison to the sheer horror of passerby. Hopefully there are more laughs than not in the actual film, which was set to premiere at the 2020 SXSW film festival until late last week, when the fest was canceled over coronavirus concerns. Bad Trip is still scheduled to hit theaters on April 17, however.

A blend of narrative fiction and hidden camera pranks, Bad Trip follows a pair of best friends—played by André and Lil Rel Howery—as they embark on a road trip across the country in a car stolen from Howery’s sister, played by Haddish. The film is directed by frequent André collaborator Kitao Sakurai and produced by Jeff Tremaine, best known for his work with Jackass and Bad Grandpa. And if the red band trailer was a little too heavy on the swears for your sensibilities, Orion Pictures has also released a green band trailer:

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