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Most people know Alex Jones as either a world-famous crackpot or the only man with the guts to really tell the truth. Either way, he’s the kind of guy who says “sheeple” unironically. Naturally, then, Jones is going to be spending a lot of the coming week standing outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland yelling things. That’s where he crossed paths with comedian Eric Andre, an agent of chaos who is exactly the type of person that a guy like Jones won’t know how to handle.

At one of Jones’ rallies earlier today, The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel managed to catch a video of Andre—who hosts the lovably bizarre Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim—trying to push his way through the crowd toward Jones’ stage. The crowd refused to let Andre in at first, with one guy in a t-shirt with an assault rifle on the back actually following him, getting in his face, and knocking a microphone out of his hand (while Jones screams about people infringing on his free speech just a few feet away, because this is just going to be that sort of week).

Of course, Alex Jones is a “reasonable” man, so he eventually brought Andre on stage in what was presumably an attempt to show that he’s willing to let all sides of the political spectrum have a voice. Unfortunately for him, Eric Andre just wanted to tear shit up, telling Jones, “I want you to have sex with my wife.” Jones was taken aback and declared that Andre was just there to disrupt his free speech, with maybe one person in the crowd actually finding the exchange funny. Eventually, Andre grabbed the mic to ask “who put the bombs in Tower 7,” which Jones took as “something legitimate” for once, but Andre was ushered off of the stage before things could go further down that hole. The video ends with Jones pointing at someone in the crowd and asking if they’re “a Tyrannosaurus Rex,” but we have no idea what that means. Again, this is going to be that sort of week.

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