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Entourage's Doug Ellin may direct Bad Santa 2, which is about another famous bro who likes to party

As the world lounges around its swimming pool, waiting to find out whether Vince is doing the movie, Entourage’s Doug Ellin has moved on to another sequel no one expected because it seemed unnecessary. Deadline reports that Ellin has signed on to rewrite and possibly direct Bad Santa 2, the follow-up to Terry Zwigoff’s comedy about how Santa is famous but he still likes to party with his elf-bros.

Ellin is just the latest writer-director to attach himself to the project, and it seemed just last year that Hot Tub Time Machine’s Steve Pink could be the one to set the bar for appropriately measured expectations. But currently it’s Ellin’s baby, and with Billy Bob Thornton hoping to begin shooting in the fall and then go make a movie, it seems likely to stay cradled in the expert hands that also molded the David Schwimmer romantic comedy Kissing A Fool and the Coolio-starring Phat Beach (which was about a beach where phat things happened). Though, as with the Entourage movie itself, it’s also now possible that the whole idea of “Bad Santa 2” is just a subplot in the never-ending episode of Entourage that is our lives, and pretty soon we’ll all just be laughing about it with some models at the bar.


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