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Entourage producers developing "female-centric" comedy that is assuredly not a female version of Entourage

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Entourage producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson are close to a deal to develop a “female-centric comedy” about a group of girlfriends working, living, and loving in L.A. However, just because it’s from the producers of Entourage and it’s about a group of friends working, living, and loving in L.A. apparently doesn’t mean that it’s a “female spin” on Entourage; sources say that the show is “not as Hollywood-centric as Entourage,” which we guess means it won’t have any embarrassing Gus Van Sant cameos, and no one will be able to end a script with the ol’ “and then Kanye West shows up with his private jet” deus ex machina. Instead, it just sounds an awful lot like Sex And The City set in L.A., which—hey, funny story—is exactly what critics used to say about Entourage. And thus the creatively exhausted snake disinterestedly begins chewing its own tail.


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