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Entertainment Weekly asks: Kanye West lyric or Lucille Bluth quote?

Entertainment Weekly has put together a “Kanye West Yeezus lyric or Lucille Bluth quote?” quiz where fans of the rap mogul and/or the Bluth matriarch can put their knowledge to the test, figuring out whether lines like “I’d rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona” and “You love me when I’m hungover” come from Yeezy’s new album or that musty old claptrap. The quiz is surprisingly difficult (for the record Lucille hates Arizona and Kanye has the hangover) which either proves that Kanye has the soul of a critical, alcoholic mother or that Lucille is actually an ostentatious rapper. Perhaps Franklin should weigh in on this, since he knows a thing or two about bringing people together through the power of song.


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