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Enter the heart of darkness with this trailer for Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary

The saga of Fyre Festival deserves to be told in some kind of tongue-in-cheek dark satire, possibly directed by Adam McKay with a Ryan Gosling-type playing founder Billy McFarland, but this Netflix documentary is probably the best we’re going to get for now. Titled Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, the documentary does seem like it will acknowledge the delicious schadenfreude in watching influencers and aspiring influencers get totally fleeced by a glorified con-artist as they descend upon an island in hopes of attending a very social media-friendly music festival only to be bombarded by poor weather conditions and a general lack of food and bathrooms, but that’ll be a tough tone to strike.

Make the Fyre Festival look too horrifying and viewers might feel bad for the people who got stuck on the island, but make the attendees look too foolish and it’ll seem unnecessarily mean. We want to enjoy that this happened to people who are not us, but we don’t want to feel bad for enjoying it.


Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened will hit Netflix on January 18.

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