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Enter the amazingly specific world of the Rockford Files Filming Locations blog

Forget True Detective (especially after season two); Jim Rockford is the true detective we should be modeling TV investigators after. As the central character of The Rockford Files, James Garner exuded a hapless, laid-back cool as he refused to take almost anything seriously, whether it be romantic relationships, the LAPD, or annoying clients. In fact, his only passion in life may have been shoving lunchtime foods into his face.

Skilled, humble, and too smart for his own good, Rockford distilled the lazy breeziness that was so prevalent in depictions of the late ’70s L.A. lifestyle. Put another way, he’s kind of like Columbo, if you didn’t want to punch Lt. Columbo in his artificially self-deprecating face.


The Rockford Files Filming Locations blog is true to its name, serving as both a tribute to the show and as a resource for identifying shooting locations and actors, noting address and establishment name changes whenever possible. With over 10 million site visitors, it boasts being the number one destination for internet queries seeking to learn “What was the location of Jim Rockford’s beachfront trailer and office?”

Here’s a small sampling of the many treasures that await:

Our viewers are great…. This hot dog stand was located at the corner of Alameda Ave and San Fernando Blvd - Burbank California It is currently El Tapatio Restaurant 926 South San Fernando Blvd.
The CASTAWAY Restaurant & Banquets 1250 E Harvard Rd, Burbank, CA 91501 - which is still in operation today.
As Jim Rockford looks out the window of Room 105 of the Sunset Marquis Hotel, he sees police pulling up next door at the Park Wellington Condos located at 1131 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood, CA
ABOVE PHOTO: University Police Chief Max Kilmore was played by the late great Kenneth Tobey, Kenneth Tobey was born Jesse Kenneth Tobey and passed away 2002 at age 85. #1: Actor Bill Thornbury played Paul Lowe Douglas who ends up getting killed. Born in 1952, Bill is still acting today. If you can identify actors #2, #3 or #4, please leave it in the comment section. Thanks

Visit the Rockford Files Filming Locations blog for more locations and actors.


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