Even if they don’t know anything about science, most people can tell you that pouring acid on something will cause it to melt like the guy’s face at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Sometimes, though, it’s still a good idea to just dump acid on stuff and see what happens, which is almost exactly what a YouTube channel called Let’s Melt This is all about. It’s unclear if Let’s Melt This is simply the marketing wing of the dangerous chemicals industry, but either way, it makes putting stuff on other stuff and watching the crazy shit that happens a lot of fun.

However, one of the channel’s recent videos—which involves putting sulfuric acid on a Big Mac—isn’t so much fun as it is horrifying. Basically, the end result looks like what would be the monster in a horror movie made by Big Macs. It’s all distorted and withered and black, like a hamburger without a soul that now stalks other hamburgers and chews the sesame seeds right off of their buns…and it’s standing right behind you!

Anyway, the video is below, and you can see the rest of Let’s Melt This’ stuff—most of which isn’t so scary—at this link.

[via Foodbeast]