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Ennio Morricone composing ringtones now

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As a wise man once said, “If William Shakespeare were alive today, he wouldn’t be writing plays, he’d be writing answering machine messages,” and to extrapolate from that point, today’s most forward-thinking composers—Max Richter, for example, or Akon—must paint with all the colors of the wind while keeping in mind their eventual adaptability into ringtones. And as it turns out, that actually goes for history’s most esteemed composers as well: Legendary master of the cinematic score Ennio Morricone has signed a deal with LG to create brand-new music exclusively for the company’s LG Optimus cell phones. In addition to the 15 never-before-heard pieces that can be experienced only through the LG’s (soon-to-be-upgraded) speakers, Morricone has reportedly signed over the download rights to excerpts from 10 of his most famous compositions, including themes from The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, Once Upon A Time In The West, Malena, and Love Affair, Warren Beatty remake edition. Unfortunately, those hoping for a selection from Beatty’s rapping-senator movie Bulworth will probably just have to create one themselves, like the rest of us.


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