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Enlisted’s Geoff Stults to write and star in show about a “hero bachelor”

The bachelors of the world tend to have it pretty rough. Not only are they often alone and probably will be forever, there’s a good chance that they could suddenly drop dead and nobody would ever notice or care. But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is looking to celebrate unmarried guys everywhere with a show about a “hero bachelor.” This won’t be a show about Superman, Han Solo, Captain Kirk, James Bond, or any of the other millions of famous bachelor heroes, though, instead it will focus on a firefighter who might be played by Enlisted‘s Geoff Stults.

Stults is signed on to write the series, which he’ll do with his writing partner Dave Whatley, and he’ll probably star in it as well. The yet-untitled show will tell the story of Marty Booker, a “firefighter, average Joe, ladies’ man, and three-time firehouse beer pong Olympics champion.” Though he initially “has no real ambition in life,” he becomes a bachelor hero after a video of him saving some kids from a fire goes viral. Then, obviously, he gets elected mayor. That’s how elections work, right? They just pick a local hero bachelor and put him in charge of an entire town? America sure is weird.


It doesn’t look like CBS has made any commitments to Hero Bachelor Firefighter Mayor, but Stults could always throw in a few more twists to sweeten the deal. Maybe the guy can also be an astronaut, and then maybe he can realize he has a daughter he’s never met. Also, the show should be based around a singing competition and the audience gets to vote on who gets kicked out. Actually, we take all of that back. These ideas are too good to give away for free.

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