Screenshot: Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars Trailer

With the franchise’s 40th anniversary right around the corner, fans around the world are gearing up to once again relive the magic of Star Wars, each in their individually nerdy way. Some will likely be sitting down to binge the original trilogy. A brave few will add the maligned prequels and generally enjoyed sequel to that watch list. And a select number of true fans will retreat to their basements to play out the Star Wars franchise they would have made using their mint condition, never-removed-from-box Kenner toys.

Over at Cinefamily in Los Angeles, they’re taking things in a much more niche direction by celebrating not the films themselves but rather all the bizarre supplemental shit that’s been created over the years in the name of Star Wars. The Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars: Star Wars Mixtape event will go down on May 25 and features a 70-minute montage of weird Star Wars pop culture moments, including everything from Japanese canned chicken commercials to fan films to low-budget, poorly conceived pornography. Check out the trailer for yourself below (content warning: C-3P0 raps).

“What is more universal and global than the imagery of Star Wars? More people probably recognize Darth Vader than Jesus Christ,” said Cinefamily creative director Hadrian Belove in an interview with Gizmodo, noting how strange it is to see the same familiar characters mutated and reimagined in so many varying ways. “And there’s something about Chewbacca speaking English and drunk Ewoks that makes us laugh.”


If you live in Los Angeles or are willing to travel, get your tickets to the event here and get them quick. Otherwise you might miss your chance to see this classic bit of cinema on the big screen:

[Note: Gizmodo, like The A.V. Club, is owned by Univision Communications.]