In the ’80s, entrepreneur Lisa Frank brought her signature rainbows, panda bears, hearts, and unicorns to a whole variety of popular toys and school supplies, ranging from lunch boxes to stickers to Trapper Keepers. Employing eye-catching hues with a boldness not seen since the Age Of Aquarius, these products were instantly recognizable and all but impossible to ignore. Her work made an indelible impression on the young girls in her target demographic during the Reagan years, and Frank’s now-grown fans still have an obvious fondness for the riotous colors and adorable animals they remember from their youth—nostalgia for the brand continues well into the 21st century. For example, artist and animator Ariel Hart (such a perfect name) has created a sumptuously detailed tarot deck in the unmistakable Lisa Frank tradition.

The tarot has traditionally been used for predicting the future via supernatural means. But this particular deck is more concerned with transporting people back to the past than it is with allowing them to glimpse what’s to come. Never have tarot cards been less imposing and more ingratiating than these. Here, The Empress is a grinning white calico with a crown, and a shield with the symbol for womankind. The Magician, meanwhile, is a teddy bear with sunglasses and a top hat. Even the Death card, most feared of all, depicts a bunny riding a pony with a rainbow mane. You could scarcely ask for a more adorable harbinger of death than that.


[via The Daily Dot]