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Enjoy the gradual soul-death of Steve Harvey

Screenshot: Steve Harvey Doesn't Want To Host Little Big Shots Anymore

Now that he’s discovered he simultaneously doesn’t want to host Family Feud any more and will unfortunately be hosting Family Feud forever, Steve Harvey is attempting to broaden his horizons with a kid-centric talent show that is guaranteed to crush his soul in a new and different way. Little Big Shots, which recently concluded its second season, is a show produced by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres in which a revolving door of talented youngsters provide Harvey with a series of crippling existential crises. At least, that’s what the latest Vic Berger Presents video from Super Deluxe would have you believe.

The video starts off innocently enough with our confounded host coming to grips with the existence of a pet duck. But soon, after being straight-up roasted by a knee-high Shakespearean scholar, Harvey begins a downward spiral into spiritual ennui as his inner monologue repeats mantras like “Life has no purpose” and the now classic catchphrase “I don’t wanna host this show no more.” As per usual, Berger is fantastic at finding and highlighting those small moments where the emptiness behind his subject’s eyes is so glaringly apparent. And while we could stand to watch 50 more of these amazing edits, the humane thing to do at this point is to please, for the love of God, let Steve Harvey retire and escape this living hell of his own design.


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